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In our infant and we are licensed for up to 20 children, but we choose to have a maximum of 14 children each day. This means we have an amazing spacious area for our children to explore in. we have an amazing ratio of 1:4.

We also believe that close relationships are fundamental in developing a sense of wellbeing, security and trust. We therefore have a primary care system, where your child will have their own “key teacher” who will be their initial main point of contact to help them settle into our centre. This will allow your child the ideal opportunity to gain a strong sense of belonging.

They will also co-ordinate a clear channel of communication between the centre and home. This allows us to always have consistent care, and strong relationships with the children and their families.

Our responsive caregiving practice means we work with your child’s individual needs and rhythms. These will obviously change as your child grows and develops and our teachers will discuss these changes with you. It is our priority to demonstrate respectful practices in all interactions with our infants and toddlers.

We are also more than happy to support our parents that choose to breastfeed and an area is available for breastfeeding mothers to nurse their infants. We also provide cow’s milk for bottles throughout the day.

Our sleep rooms are part of our inside rooms, and this means we can monitor very closely our sleeping children. Each child has their own cot and bedding, and the familiar routine helps our infants feels safe and content during sleep time.