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Our Toddler room has up to 14 children with 2 fulltime teachers, and additional support teachers over the busy times of the day. Children at this age learn a huge range of skills over their time here. There is a particular emphasis on communication, social skills, problem solving, fine and gross motor skills as well as early literacy and numeracy skills.

To cater for all this development, we have an environment that offers a variety of experiences and challenges, and we ensure that we have staff at the children’s level to support this learning. Our classroom is specially laid out for the two year olds, and has many different activities and curriculum areas set up, as they tend to move from one thing to the next very quickly! The outside area is shared with the 3 to 5 year olds, and this often provides the physical challenges the build the gross motor skills. They also have the advantage of interacting with our older children, and learning from them also.

All children have the option to rest or sleep with every child having their own beds,after lunch, and if they do not sleep, they are offered some quiet learning experiences or story telling while the other children are sleeping. When Children start to show signs that they are ready to begin toilet training we begin to work with our families making sure we are providing the same care and rewards as you are home.